Leader Kit


As a Chapter Leader for CTA you play an important role in helping ensure CTA Members have the materials and information they need to help build a financially secure future.  To help you, we’ve developed a resource center that focuses on retirement savings and financial decision-making. 

To support you in your efforts we’ve organized important information in one location.

Engaging Educators

We know you’re busy, and staying up to date with news and fresh content is challenging. We’ve built in some time-saving features to help make it easy to stay current with retirement planning for educators.

Strategies for connecting with new and current members.

  • Communications Overview helpful information and tips for communicating with members about retirement savings. RSP Member Engagement Plan
  • Sample communications sample and templates to help you communicate with members about important topics. Sample Email or Flyer (05012018)
  • Stay current Sign up for CTAInvest blog called, The Buzz. You’ll receive updates on 403(b) and 457 plans, CalSTRS & CalPERS, investing and planning and other news worthy topics. You can include these news features in your chapter web site or newsletter. 

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Content Library 

Here you’ll find materials to help you engage with educators on the topic of retirement savings and the importance of saving for retirement.  


Training Presentation

This simplified Powerpoint presentation will help you to inform educators about CalSTRS and CalPERS as well as highlighting the need to have a supplemental savings plan.  

  • Includes speaker notes
  • 30 minutes to present
  • Includes FAQs

CTA Trainer Presentation


Consumer Guide

This printed piece is designed to be a helpful resource that educators can keep and reference for questions about retirement savings, their pension, and other topics related to financial decision-making.

  • Features CTA Members and their photos
  • Answers a wide range of questions on retirement issues facing California educators
  • Glossary of terms

CTA Consumer Guide


 Q & A Videos

A set of short videos that address some of the biggest challenges facing educators with their retirement savings. The question and answer format helps to generate conversation and feature real life educators.

  • Web-based & easy to access
  • Great conversation starters
  • Easy to share and distribute

Q & A Videos


Enrollment Materials CTA Retirement Savings Plan

A set of enrollment materials designed to make the process of enrolling in the CTA Retirement Savings Plan, easy.  The materials contain simplified user-friendly information on enrollment. The enrollment materials are comprised of the following three items:

  • Pre-enrollment piece. This piece helps the educator understand the importance of saving for retirement. It is an “ice-breaker”
  • Enrollment form. Made quick & simple
  • Handbook. A reference booklet on important aspects of the retirement savings plan. 



CTA Retirement Savings Plan Posters

 Two posters that highlight key issues about retirement savings.

  • Poster 1: CTA wants you to have a long and happy retirement
  • Poster 2: Is your plan costing you? What to do if you’ve enrolled in a low quality plan



Legal Advisories

 Important notices about vendors soliciting educators

  • Flyer outlining misleading tactics by 403(b) reps 
  • Letter outlining misleading tactics by 403(b) reps

Advisory 403b and Disclosure Letter

Advisory Cafeteria / Flex Plan administrators


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