Spotlight on … Getting Married

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Tying the knot in style … the average cost of a traditional American wedding is $22,000. 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. each year, making it a $50 billion-a-year business.

  • Say cheese! The average cost of a wedding photographer/videographer is $775.
  • An engagement ring costs $2,000 on average. Three-quarters of first-time brides will receive a diamond engagement ring.
  • Here comes the bride … the bride's wedding dress will cost $800, on average.  
  • A rose by any other name … wedding flowers, including the bouquets, cost $1,300 on average.
  • The average cost for a honeymoon is $4,000. This is three times as high as the cost of the average vacation. One third of newlyweds choose Hawaii for their honeymoon destination.


Sources: National Association of Wedding Ministers and Brides magazine.