California Teachers Association Investment Education

Please rate this page. was developed by CTA to help you learn more about your retirement benefits, voluntary retirement savings, basic financial topics, insurance and estate planning.

In addition to the articles, the site features helpful calculators, short videos, a personalized financial checklist and quizzes. We've also included an Ask the Advisor section that allows you to post a question and includes answers to frequently asked questions.



Main Navigation

Each of the main navigation sections covers a range of topics. You'll also find links to relevant videos, calculators, Webinars, etc., within each section. So, as you're reading about a topic, you can easily click to view a corresponding video or use an appropriate calculator.

  • Retirement Planning. This section covers some of the basics of retirement planning, including what you need to do in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and 60s; a pre-retirement countdown; how to create a retirement budget; a personalized checklist; and more.
  • CalSTRS/CalPERS includes a short introduction to CalSTRS and CalPERS, with links that can help you estimate your CalSTRS or CalPERS pension benefit.
  • 403(b)/457 Plans. Learn more about how 403(b) and 457 plans work, what they can do for you and how to take advantage of them.
  • Investing includes content about the nuts and bolts of investing, how mutual funds and annuities work, and more.
  • Saving and Spending. This section helps you define your savings goals and find ways to juggle the many different demands on your paycheck. It also discusses basic money management principles, such as how to set up a spending plan or budget and how to manage your credit.
  • Insurance and Estate Planning covers topics like life insurance, disability insurance, and property and casualty insurance (for your home and vehicles). The estate planning content discusses the importance of having a will, establishing a durable power of attorney and creating advance directives to help ensure that your wishes for medical care are followed.

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