FAQ – Mutual Fund Investing

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I invest in mutual funds/IRAs. I don’t know if I’m paying fees that I don’t need to be paying and don’t know what questions to ask my advisor to get a straight answer.

All investment products involve costs, and fees and expenses can have a considerable impact on the potential earnings of any investment, so you’re wise to be concerned about them. Fortunately, CTAinvest.org has resources and tools that can provide the information you need.

The booklet “Selecting a 403(b)/457 Advisor & Understanding Plan Fees” – available at CTAinvest.org – contains a wealth of useful information. Although it addresses 403(b)/457 investments specifically, most of the information also pertains to mutual funds or IRAs you purchase from an outside source. You will find a glossary of fees to help you understand what they pay for and lists of questions to ask about advisors, investment products and fees.

You’ll also find helpful articles, videos and calculators at CTAinvest.org, such as the calculator “How Will Fees Affect My 403(b) or 457 Plan Savings?” It allows you to compare different levels of fees and how they can affect your overall accumulation rate.

Also, check the CTAinvest.org. A team of financial experts answers questions from CTA members like you. Browse through the frequently asked questions and, if you have a question that you don’t see answered, submit your own.

We will address the impact of fees in our conference today, “Preparing for Retirement: 403(b) and 457 Plan Essentials.”

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